Welcome to Mediation Space

Inspired by the principles and practices of mediation, this is a space for meaningful conversations about how we want to work, live, and co-exist as a team or any other constellation of two or more people.



Hi, I'm Plamena!

I'm a certified mediator with a background in business communications and organizational development. The combination of my theoretical knowledge and practical experience in startups and traditional enterprises made me curious about applying the principles and practices of mediation to a variety of business contexts using a holistic approach. I created Mediation Space as an outlet for my curiosity where I help teams and individuals become better collaborators and partners through mediated communication.

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Conflict Resolution through Mediation

I help people in teams and other constellations to regain access to their resources both as individuals and as a group in order to resolve conflicts and continue forward in a productive way.

Mediation for Founders and founding teams

I support business partners and startup founders in the process of gaining clarity on each other's goals and expectations to solve or prevent conflicts and ensure the smooth start of the future venture.

Consulting & Concept Development

I support companies and teams in applying the principles of mediation to their organizational structures in a sustainable way through various formats, from workshops to transformation projects.




Vihra, Life Design Circle (Mediation)

Plamena has a natural talent for words. She's able to easily understand, translate and communicate everything that is shared in the course of a mediation process and thus to create a safe atmosphere for participants to open up. Her passion for mediation, her great facilitation skills and her professionalism made this rather demanding process easy and enjoyable for all of us.


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